October 19, 2022 – WINTER PARK, FL – There are over 3.6 million widowers in the US alone, and many of these men suffer in loss, sadness and depression alone. Tom Pisello, successful serial-author, podcaster and entrepreneur, himself a widower, announces the launch of a new podcast series, Growth through Grief, to provide much needed support to widowers in better navigating their grief journey.

The Growth through Grief podcast provides one-on-one interviews with widowers, mental health professionals, researchers, authors, faith leaders, along with medical and wellness experts, addressing the toughest topics and barriers widowers face.Over seventeen episodes have already been recorded and published, with new episodes published weekly.

“Too many widowers don’t ask for help in their grief journey, or know where to go in order to get the support they need.”, says Tom Pisello, founder of Growth through Grief. “The Growth through Grief podcast captures candid conversations and sharing, as I discuss the toughest widower topics and ask the questions of experts that we really need answers to in order to heal and grow”. 

Recent topics deal with grief triggers, loneliness, big decisions, ghosts and spirits, loss of faith, food and exercise in healing and the challenges of dating again.

“Men typically don’t ask for help, and widowers are no exception, making it so important for these men to know that they don’t have to suffer alone, and that others like them are navigating similar experiences. ”, says Helen Keeling Neal, mental health professional, Growth through Grief board member and recurring Growth through Grief podcast guest. “I appreciate Tom’s willingness to ask the tough questions, deal with many taboo topics, and openly share his own challenges, mistakes and success stories, creating a great resource for widowers to help address their trauma and create growth.”

The Growth through Grief podcast can be found across popular podcast platforms including Spotify, Amazon and more. All episodes can be found here – https://growththroughgrief.org/latest-episodes/

About Growth through Grief

Growth through Grief is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, resource and community designed to help widowers through their healing process, helping to turn loss and sadness into growth and purpose. 

To facilitate the journey, Growth through Grief delivers a proprietary healing framework, assessment tools, along with a wealth of articles, and podcast interviews, videos and community events, all designed to help widowers learn from other widowers, mental health professionals, wellness experts, faith leaders and growth coaches, all designed to improve mind, body and spirit and achieve growth through the grieving process.  

Growth through Grief was founded by widower, successful serial entrepreneur and author Tom Pisello, and is directed and fueled by expert leaders in mental health, spiritual health, wellness and charitable services.

Visit: https://growththroughgrief.org/

See the official announcement here – https://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/495192/widowers-podcast-to-support-grief-journey-and-healing