Becoming a widower was not the life situation you ever thought you would experience, but here you are, facing a new day without your partner, with a family desperate for answers, a significant change in your identity and so much more. It can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

And indeed, you are not alone, with over 3.6 million identifying as widowers in the US alone (US Census 2019). Each uniquely dealing with their loss, sadness and grief, and all at different stages in their journey. But we have a lot in common, and by sharing our stories, can help ourselves and provide others with comfort, healing and guidance.

Growth Through Grief is a personal story of how the author Tom Pisello stumbled his way, from the loss of his wife of 19 years Judy and the heart wrenching grief that followed, to phenomenal change and growth. Interwoven with Tom’s personal story are the voices of other widowers, men at all at different timeframes and steps on their own grief journey.

The author couples these heartfelt widower stories with advice from mental health professionals, faith leaders and growth experts, providing poignant advice and integrated tools, helping you transcend from loss and sadness to growth and purpose and the creation of a new you.

Author: Tom Pisello is a successful serial-entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster, widower and father of two daughters. Tom resides in Flatiron, NY and Winter Park, FL.

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