September 7, 2022 – WINTER PARK, FL – Local best-selling author, podcaster, serial tech-entrepreneur and widower Tom Pisello announces the launch of Growth through Grief, a new 501(c)(3) charitable organization leveraging his personal grief-to-growth journey, and the stories and insights of many other widowers and professionals, to provide specific advice, tools, and events in support of the 3.6 million widowers in the US, and many more worldwide.

Growth through Grief is the first of its kind comprehensive on-line resource and community site, dedicated exclusively to helping widowers through their healing process: to turn heartbreaking loss and sadness into renewed growth and purpose.

Developed from founder Tom Pisello’s own grief journey experience, Growth through Grief delivers a proprietary framework and interactive assessment tools to inform the healing process, podcast interviews with fellow widowers, mental health professionals, medical experts, faith leaders and growth mindset coaches to improve perspectives and learnings from others, and most importantly, in-person and virtual gatherings and healing retreats to assemble fellow widowers to support each other in fellowship.

“When I became a widower, I was running a business and traveling, with two teenage daughters I still needed to get through school to adulthood, all while suffering from loss, depression and alcohol abuse: unfortunately an all too common story for the modern widower”, says Tom Pisello, founder of Growth through Grief. “Men don’t often ask for the help they need, and I learned first-hand that as I did raise my hand to get support, that widowers are underserved, with little in the way of resources and community they can leverage to help them better understand and overcome these challenges. This widower’s-healing-gap was our inspiration for the advice, tools and community of Growth through Grief”.

Growth through Grief resources and events are designed holistically, to improve the mind, body and spirit of the grieving widower, and achieve faster healing and transition from loss to growth.

“In my practice, I find that Widowers need specific support and understanding, which can be difficult to get from their current friends and family, general grief sharing groups, church or bible study gatherings, or the handful of widower self-help books available”, says Helen Keeling Neal, mental health professional and Growth through Grief board member. “Independent therapists can help, but there is an urgent need for widowers to have a dedicated community and support beyond the occasional therapist visit or general grief resources.”

Growth through Grief is designed as a non-profit resource to address specific widower issues, with tools, assessments and insights from mental health, wellness, spiritual and growth experts and a community of fellow widowers providing man-to-man peer support and better healing through brotherhood and fellowship.

“Each widower uniquely deals with their loss, sadness and grief, and engage all at different stages in their journey”, says Christopher Ice, widower, business consultant and Growth through Grief board member. “However, we have much in common, and by sharing our stories as we go through the process, we can help other widowers with comfort, healing and guidance, as well as helping ourselves heal through our own sharing and acts of service”.

A wealth of free tools, assessments, articles, podcasts and events are available at:

About Growth through Grief

Growth through Grief is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, resource and community designed to help widowers through their healing process, helping to turn loss and sadness into growth and purpose.

To facilitate the journey, Growth through Grief delivers a proprietary healing framework, assessment tools, along with a wealth of articles, and podcast interviews, videos and community events, all designed to help widowers learn from other widowers, mental health professionals, wellness experts, faith leaders and growth coaches, all designed to improve mind, body and spirit and achieve growth through the grieving process.

Growth through Grief was founded by widower, successful serial entrepreneur and author Tom Pisello, and is directed and fueled by expert leaders in mental health, spiritual health, wellness and charitable services.


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