When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

With determination and prayers, you now need to set your mind and actions on healing your wounds and growing from the experience.

From these assessment dimensions, you can now create a short list of areas that you might want to address, and the priorities as to which one’s you want to address sooner than later.

For each of the Body, Mind and Spirit challenges identified, select three to five of these as a priority to begin addressing with Intention. This means you will take regular and diligent action to improve your score in these select areas.

For each of the challenges on your short list, we now need to guide the improvements. To do this, we need to establish a Value Code – the principals we will leverage and refer to in order to make sure our intentions are good, will help us overcome our challenges, and will help us accomplish our improvement goals.  The Value Code serves to guide our intentions, our actions and our conduct.

What are you seeking in You 2.0

Intention is about establishing your goals for a better future, and what you would like to be in the Version 2.0 that you are becoming through and as a result of your loss and grief.

To help assure that Version 2.0 is a better you, I suggest taking the time and creating a Value Code, a foundation of rules and directives to live by.

Whenever you consider a change, priority or relationship, you can use this Value Code to help guide decisions that are congruent with how you see yourself in the future, as You 2.0.

For me, my Personal Value Code could be summarized as Transparency, Growth and Love, and includes the following specific guideposts and rules:

  • Mind
    • Live in a growth mindset
    • Learn something new each day – reading, podcasts
    • Drive creativity every day – piano, poetry and writing
  • Body
    • Respect the vessel that you have been provided
    • Maintain complete sobriety – lucid and vivid at all times
    • Exercise every day, twice most – to start and end each part of the workday
    • Continually improve and optimize your diet, supplements and exercise program
    • Rest better and get the right amount of sleep to support proper recovery
  • Intent
    • Live in transparency and truth
    • Enjoy the journey and process (instead of focusing on the destination)
    • Put in the work every day
    • Prioritize life over work
  • Relationships
    • Lead with compassion and understanding
    • Seek mentorship in all dimensions to learn from others and to hold myself accountable
    • Love with honesty and intent
    • Seek to give more than you receive
  • Spirit
    • Be grateful – Give thanks for every day, activity, and all that you have been blessed with
    • Read / listen to scripture every day to learn from the Word
    • Pray every day – ask for help, pose questions, have a conversation
    • Dream big to serve others

To help guide your intentions and form a foundation of improvement, fill out your own Personal Value Code for each of the following:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Intent
  • Relationships
  • Spirit

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